5 Interesting Reasons You Get Itchy When You Meditate

itching while meditating

Meditation can bring a sense of calmness and peace into one’s hectic lives unless of course, that plan is disrupted by an extremely uncomfortable itch. Feeling itchy during mediation is common, and it is nothing to be embarrassed about or feel like you’re the only one. You are certainly not alone if you have ever felt itchy during a mediation session.

Reasons You Get Itchy When You Meditate. There are many reasons why you feel itchy during meditations. Some of those following reasons include: focusing so deep you feel other sensations, your body is settling into meditation, and the ego trying to fool you. You can overcome these sensations.

There are other factors that could lead you to feel itchy during your practice of meditation. They can be as simple as the clothes you have on your body, or actually have a legitimate itch. Say from a loose hair tickling your ears or nose. Do not be dismayed if you suffer from an inconvenient itch; however, there are solutions to regain focus and forget about the itch. 

Focusing Deeply During Meditation 

There are a million nerve endings throughout our bodies that are constantly activated. During meditation, your mind is focusing in the moment that the sensations that you normally wouldn’t notice are more noticeable. 

Depending on your focus, the overwhelming feel of an itch can become quite bothersome. Sometimes it gets so severe it becomes all you can think about and possibly drive you crazy.  

These nerve endings mimic and make you feel as though you have an itch somewhere on your body. But in reality, all it is is a sensation that is causing disruption in your practice.

Your Body is Settling into Meditation 

Beginning meditation, you are winding down your thoughts and entering a means of relaxation. This settling down can create a sense of awareness of your body in a deeper aspect than you would not meditating. 

Your body feels these sensations, and all it is a higher sense of awareness that is not an issue to be concerned with. Your body is not going into an itch infestation, so do not panic. It is just your body relaxing, and the sensations are still there. 

Your mind is more aware of these tiny feelings due to the deep focus during the wining down into the meditation. 

The quicker you get into the mindset and free your mind of the perceptions of your body settling down, the sooner it will pass. Sometimes once you feel the itch, it can completely lose your focused mind set and overwhelm yourself with the itch sensation. 

Do not succumb to the itch that your mindset gets so distracted that it throws you off your practice. There are methods to overcome this itch and regain focus on your meditation. 

Ego is Another Itch Impersonating Culprit

There are some folks that will tell you it is your ego trying to fool you into thinking you have an itch when there is no itch present. Instead, the ego is overriding your thoughts, making you believe you have an itch because of the level of awareness meditation brings. 

That once you control your mind to not believe there is an itch or focus on another source such as your breathing, the itch you thought you had will disappear. 

The motto is an itch that goes unscratched will be an itch that goes away while meditating. The power of your breathing during mediation is a possible outlet to focus on during the itchy spell. Not just breathing, though, but focusing on something other than the itch itself is supposed to make it go away.

Although some people may be so distracted by an unwanted itch that it is mind consuming. It captures every thought and ignores self serenity and peace of the session because it is indeed mind consuming. 

reasons you get itchy while meditating

Clothing Issues and Legitimate Itches 

Another reason you could be itchy while meditating is as simple as the clothes you are wearing. Maybe the fabric is irritating, or something is underneath rubbing against your skin. The tag on your shirt or pants could be rubbing the skin and causing a source of irritation or an itch. 

Whatever it may be in this sense, it can be changed or fixed one way or another. Change your clothes if you are incredibly distracted from your practice that is causing upset so great that you absolutely cannot concentrate.

This could be a reason you are legitimately itchy. Other environmental factors can influence and itch like the wind, for example. Maybe a breeze, whether you are meditating outdoors or indoors, can cause your hair to tickle your face. 

Maybe your deep focus will overcome the sensation, or it will be too great, and you must relieve the itch.

Solutions to Control an Unwanted Itch During Meditation 

There are solutions to overcome an itch during your meditation. It may take some practice but concentrate on something other than the itch. It is simply mind over matter.

Mind Over Matter

The mind experiences deep levels of abstraction during meditation. As the body gets more in-depth, it reaches a level of profound physiological rest, and that is when the nerves in your body will begin to feel like an itch. 

During meditation, the body releases stored stress in order to heal. This stress relief can be felt as an itch or other sensation while the body goes into total relaxation mode

Controlling your breathing and focusing on the deep relaxation or other part of your body to relieve the itching usually does the trick. Keep your mind on something other than the itch, and after you regain control, it will pass. 

When the Itch is Intolerable: To Itch Or Not to Itch

The experts say there are three levels of sensation: pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral. If your body reaches a level of pain during meditation, some suggest focus elsewhere and avoid addressing the pain or itch. When others may tell you to face the pain and overcome it. 

After a while, if the itch is all you can think about and or it is too severe, try calming your skin prior to starting the session. Solutions to calm the skin include using body lotion to keep the skin moist or taking a relaxing bath with oatmeal. 

When it gets so intense and will not pass and captivates you from your mantra, rub the area a little to see if it will relieve the sensation. It is okay to itch during your mediation, but it is best for your practice if you try to overcome it first. 

Last resort is to move out of focus and itch the area. This should be enough after that, and you can go back to your deep meditation, hopefully, itch-free! Even if it takes you from getting the fullest benefit, it is still essential that you show up to practice and get something out of it. 

Trying to focus on something other than the itch, however, makes the difference between response and reaction. 

The stress from a disturbing sensation like an itch can be more detrimental than beneficial to a certain point. So sometimes it is better to just relieve the itch and get back into control over your thoughts. 

There is no condemnation if, in the worst-case scenario, you must itch the area that is creating the irritation. If you need to relieve that itch, go ahead and do so. It is alright.

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